X12 UltraMax

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X12 Ultramax | Best security | Best precision | Best quality | Wholesale direct pricing | Uncuttable | Grade 9 maximum security | Will never rust | Premium stainless Steel | Case hardened boron steel shackle | Anti tamper protected | Double locking mechanism | Up to 21,000 lbs of pull strength

  • Option 1
    Keyed different | Each padlock comes with three keys | Each padlock has unique keys
  • Option 2
    Keyed alike | Each padlock comes with three keys | All keys open all padlocks in a set | Minimum of 5 padlocks per set | Extra cost per padlock: $1
  • Option 3
    Keyed different with master key |Each padlock has its own unique keys | Master key can open all padlocks | Minimum order of 5 padlocks | Extra cost per padlock: $2 | Four master keys supplied with each set of padlocks | You can order up to 50 padlocks in a set with master keys | Additional master keys: $2 each (must be requested at the same time an order is placed)
  • Option Grandmaster
    Grandmaster keys open up to 10 x padlock sets (where each padlock set has its own master keys) | Cost per Grandmaster key: $5 (must be requested at the same time padlock sets are ordered)

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