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We import, manufacture and sell direct at hugely discounted prices
Premium Products Stainless Steel Highest Precision Highest Security
Lowest prices guaranteed
M60 Shipping Container padlock
M60 Shipping Container
5 x M60 Shipping container padlocks
5 x M60 with 4 Master Keys
M70 x 5 keyed alike
5 x M60 Keyed Alike
M70 Shipping Container Padlock
M70 Shipping Container
5 x M70 Shipping container padlocks
5 x M70 with 4 Master Keys
M70 x 5 keyed alike
5 x M70 Keyed Alike
X11 UltraMax Padlock
X11 UltraMax
5 x X11 UltraMax Padlocks with master keys
5 x X11 with 4 Master Keys
5 x X11 UltraMax Padlocks keyed alike
5 x X11 Keyed Alike
X12 ULTRAMAX Padlock
X12 UltraMax
5 x X12 UltraMax Padlocks with master keys
5 x X12 with 4 Master Keys
10 x X12 UltraMax padlocks keyed alike
5 x X12 Keyed Alike
X50 SuperMax Padlock
X50 SuperMax
X90 GrandMax
BLACKBOX-62 portable waste management system
BLACKBOX-62 portable waste management system
BLACKBOX-270 Portable Waste Management System
Storeit4less self-storage
40mm Ball check valve
40mm Ball Check Valve
40mm Ball check valve
50mm Ball Check Valve

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Our 1st project
To set up a secure ‘low cost for customers‘ self storage service. First stage is now completed with an average of 98% occupancy. The second stage is now under way, with completion due around March 2019. 

Our 2nd project
To set up a padlock store selling ‘the best’ padlocks money can buy.
We now import and sell direct an expanding range of ultimate, must have padlocks at hugely discounted pricing. The padlocks are sold through our own online store, trademe, and 4tradeit.

Our 3rd project
Design, build and sell a quality, portable pump station at an affordable price. Our beautiful BLACKBOX (very proud of this product) is now available through our own online store,  trademe and 4tradeit.

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