New stock of Padlocks arrived

Our padlock sales continue to increase each month. This has created a challange to ensure a stock of available padlocks in the country. Our last order from the factory has arrived at the end of last week (60% increase on our last order).
All of the feedback we received on our trademe sales for the product lines we are selling are glowing about the products and about the price, which is great.
We have added a new premium padlock to our product range, to trial and see how it sells (we currently only have a small quantity of these padlocks in stock). The product code/title for this new padlock is ‘X50 Maxim Padlock’. The padlock is priced the same as our other padlocks (direct with a minimal added margin).
You can click this link to view and/or purchase this padlock
Thank you for your support 🙂

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