X90 GrandMax Padlock

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    1 x X90 GrandMax Padlock

    $133.50 $72.50

    1 x X90 GrandMax Padlock

    $133.50 $72.50

    Premium Stainless Steel (RR $133.50)


    This is the Grandaddy of Padlocks – the Ultimate Security.
    Weight: 900gm (0.9kg)

    Imported and sold direct. Massively discounted.
    Best security, Best precision, Best quality at a wholesale price

    Will NEVER rust
    Premium Brand
    Approved and used by the Military
    Grade 9 maximum security
    Premium Stainless Steel
    Case hardened boron steel shackle
    Anti tamper protected
    Double locking mechanism
    Up to 21,000 lbs of pull strength
    3 x Stainless Steel Keys
    Highest precision/Highest security
    H86mm x D50mm x W48mm x I(Internal)30.5mm
    Bolt diameter: 12mm

    We sell premium quality locks in NZ at wholesale direct prices

    ## NOTE ##

    This listing is for a standard ‘keyed different’ (option 1) padlock i.e. ‘unique keys for each padlock’

    Option 1
    Keyed different:
    – Each padlock comes with three keys
    – Each padlock has unique keys

    Option 2
    Keyed alike:
    – Each padlock comes with three keys
    – All keys open all padlocks in a set
    – Minimum of 5 padlocks per set
    – Extra cost per padlock: $1.00

    Option 3
    Keyed different with master key:
    – Each padlock has its own unique keys
    – Master key can open all padlocks
    – Minimum order of 5 padlocks
    – Extra cost per padlock: $2.00
    – Four master keys supplied with each set of padlocks
    – You can order up to 50 padlocks in a set with master keys
    – Additional master keys are $2.00 each (must be requested at the same time an order is placed)

    Option Grandmaster
    – Grandmaster keys open padlocks within multiple padlock sets with master keys
    e.g. Grandmaster key can open 2-10 x padlock sets (each padlock set controlled with its own master key)
    – Cost per Grandmaster key: $5.00 (must be requested at the same time padlock sets are ordered)

    ** Allow minimum of 30 days ex factory for delivery from the time an order is placed for keyed options 2 & 3
    ** If you would like to order a padlock configuration different to what is listed in our online store, please contact tim@storeit4less.co.nz


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