1 x X90 GrandMax Padlock

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Premium Stainless Steel (RR $133.50)


This is the Grandaddy of Padlocks – the Ultimate Security.
Weight: 900gm (0.9kg)

Imported and sold direct. Massively discounted.
Best security, Best precision, Best quality at a wholesale price

Will NEVER rust
Premium Brand
Approved and used by the Military
Grade 9 maximum security
Premium Stainless Steel
Case hardened boron steel shackle
Anti tamper protected
Double locking mechanism
Up to 21,000 lbs of pull strength
3 x Stainless Steel Keys
Highest precision/Highest security
H86mm x D50mm x W48mm x I(Internal)30.5mm
Bolt diameter: 12mm

We sell premium quality locks in NZ at wholesale direct prices

## NOTE ##

This listing is for a standard ‘keyed different’ (option 1) padlock i.e. ‘unique keys for each padlock’

Option 1
Keyed different:
– Each padlock comes with three keys
– Each padlock has unique keys

Option 2
Keyed alike:
– Each padlock comes with three keys
– All keys open all padlocks in a set
– Minimum of 5 padlocks per set
– Extra cost per padlock: $1.00

Option 3
Keyed different with master key:
– Each padlock has its own unique keys
– Master key can open all padlocks
– Minimum order of 5 padlocks
– Extra cost per padlock: $2.00
– Four master keys supplied with each set of padlocks
– You can order up to 50 padlocks in a set with master keys
– Additional master keys are $2.00 each (must be requested at the same time an order is placed)

Option Grandmaster
– Grandmaster keys open padlocks within multiple padlock sets with master keys
e.g. Grandmaster key can open 2-10 x padlock sets (each padlock set controlled with its own master key)
– Cost per Grandmaster key: $5.00 (must be requested at the same time padlock sets are ordered)

** Allow minimum of 30 days ex factory for delivery from the time an order is placed for keyed options 2 & 3
** If you would like to order a padlock configuration different to what is listed in our online store, please contact


1 in stock


X90 GrandMax Padlock

The X90 GrandMax Padlock is the Grandaddy of Padlocks and Ultimate in Security. It is used for military applications, train wagons, trucks, shipping containers, heavy sliding doors etc. This padlock operates reliably in the most severe environments, including coastal locations, polluted atmospheres and freezing conditions. Its weight is 900gm (0.9kg).

X90 GrandMax Padlock Key and locking cylinder

Each padlock comes with three unique stainless steel keys. The key locking chamber is a unique 360 degree spin free, super B class cylinder, manufactured to the highest precision and level of security, with built in anti-tamper protection against drilling and leverage.

X90 GrandMax Padlock Body

The padlock body is made of 304 premium grade stainless steel. All of the components are engineered for high corrosion resistance. There are no springs or pins that could jam, ensuring higher security and longer life of the padlock.

X90 GrandMax Padlock Bolt

The bolt is secured by stainless steel balls, which gives increased protection against attacks and/or manipulation. The bolt is not accessible, and is uncuttable case hardened boron steel, which is resistant to bolt cutters, saws, hammers and impact attacks, and can withstand up to 21,000 pounds of pull resistance due to the quality of materials and design.

X90 GrandMax Padlock Finish

The padlock body is finished in the highest Mirror polish.


If you are looking for an awesome padlock that does not rust, provides maximum security, looks great, and will give you years of great service, then don’t waste your money on an inferior padlock.

We are a direct importer or manufacturer of the products we sell. There is no middle man taking a cut. We keep our margins as slim as possible so our customers get as much savings as possible. If you shop around, you will find that our price to you for this product is the same or only marginally more expensive than inferior brass, chrome plated, or low quality stainless steel padlocks carried by general hardware stores such as Bunnings, Mitre 10, and Placemakers.

Put your CRC lubricant spray can away and enjoy owning and using a beautiful padlock that works perfectly every time, in all conditions, and never rusts.

You can purchase this padlock

  • direct from our storeit4less online store, or
  • trademe [type ‘storeit4less’ in all categories into the main search bar and click the ‘search’ button], or
  • 4tradeit [type ‘storeit4less’ all categories into the main search bar and click the ‘Go’ button]

2 reviews for 1 x X90 GrandMax Padlock

  1. Lynda

    This has been a great lock. Exactly what we needed to build our security gate. Prompt communication and delivery. Thank you.

  2. Michelle

    Effortless transaction and a solid lock which provides the security and peace of mind needed. The locks purchased easily met expectations and I’ve bought more. Thank you.

    • Tim

      Awesome – thank you for the feedback 🙂

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