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Closed circuit CCTV monitors the storage yard 24/7


Electronic programmable fobs enable access to the premises


Access is through automated gates using a personalised electronic fob


Lockup storage – size is good for 3-4 bedroom house lot furnishings

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Why Storeit4less

A neighbour asked if we could store a container for them in our yard.
This was followed by a similar request by two other friends, to organise for them a container for storage while they traveled overseas.
The idea was born, to provide a low cost storage solution for the local community.
New 20ft containers (with 12 air vents and new 'easy entry handles') have been installed together with CCTV and automated gates activated by an electronic tag.
To compliment the containers, we are importing a range of beautiful, premium quality padlocks (only the best). We use these padlocks on our own containers, and direct sell them with a small margin in our online store, on trademe and on 4tradeit.
In addition we are manufacturing a high quality portable pump solution for portable cabins, RV's etc. These are selling well on our website, on trademe and on 4tradeit.
We have also begun importing a premium high end ball check valves that are available through our online store, again with only a small margin added.
For high quality solutions supplied direct to you at a big discount, please visit our store, or you can phone Tim on (021) 355005.
Thank you :)

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